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Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/68): British Sushi Bento

The Missus was finally able to use our new set of lacquered bento boxes!
These bento boxes are called “Ikawa Menpa” and are made exclusively made with materials coming from the forests of Ikawa in the Northern part of Shizuoka Prefecture!

They come into two main styles (I will write a more extensive article soon!), unlacquered and lacquered pine wood.
They have been designated as Prefectural Cullture Asset by the Shizuoka Prefecture Government.
Mr. Mochizuki (I’ll have to check the pronunciation of his first name as it is impossibly long!) is the only crsftsman making them . He is the fifth generation of a lineage of artists dating back to 1830!

The present 3-box set (The Missus used only two this time) even comes with is own bag and partitions!

Now today’s main dish consists of plain sushi rice that the Missus steameda with chopped parsley, cheese and French herbs and Olive Oil Bouillon (see below).
She made two layers of them with cold roast beef atop both. She put the fishing touch with some sliced green olives stuffed with pimento.

Here is the French Knorr Bouillon.
It contains EV olive oil, oreganao, laurel, garlic and onion)

The side dish contains a salad of pink potatoes (not sweet potaoes) and chestnuts with dressing and lettuce leaves, and mint from the verandah, Pickled Mizu Nasu/Water Eggplants which can be eaten raw, Shizuoka-grown Ameera Rubbins Pearl tomatoes, salad of gobo/burdock root, pimeto and cucumber, and a boiled egg seasoned with black roasted sesame seeds.

Dessert? The tomatoes! LOL

Beautiful food in a beautiful vessel!

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Discover the Winter Fish Markets!

Please check Shizuoka Gourmet Blog for all the gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture!


(Aka Yagara, Red Trumpet Fish)

Now is a great time to vist the marine products stands at Fresh Market inside Parche-Shizuoka JR Station!
Let’s look around and see if you recognize all those creatures!
“Aka Yagara”: Red Trumpet Fish. Makes for great sashimi and meuniere. Also called “Karasu Uo/Crow Fish>
“Mako Garei”, a local Halibut/Turbot variety. Popular in any part of the World!
“Hata hata” or “Sailfin Sandfish”. Typical of Shizuoka Prefecture. Great served grilled!
“Managatsuo”. Nothing to do with Bonito. Local white-flesh fish, great both as sasimi and grilled!
“Tako” or Octopus. Can be enjoyed, raw, cooked, or pickled. Or in Italina cuisine!
“Uchiwa Ebi”. Goes by the Latin name of “Ibacus ciliatus”. In Japanese means “Fan Prawn”. Very popular as sashimi or pickled!

Shizuoka Fish Market: Shizuoka JR Station PARCHE FRESH MARKET

Please check Shizuoka Gourmet Blog for all the gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture!



For the pleasure and convenience of many customers, PARCHE in Shizuoka JR Station is going through a general renewal, including their busy indoors market, FRESH MARKET.
parche1.jpg parche2.jpg
As this particular venture is directly connected to fisheries in Numazu and Yaizu Cities, one can buy not only fresh but also unusual products from Suruga Bay and Izu Peninsula such as “tenagaebi/scampi” and “kinmeidai/goden eye seabream”.
parche3.jpg parche4.jpg parche8.jpg
One will also discover a plethora of shellfish and crabs fresh and alive at vey reasonable prices.
For people who cannot bother dressing or cutting fish, fillets can be bought readily made. With a smile and a polite word you will surely convince the staff the cut the whole fish you have chosen.
For sushi and sashimi officionados very good value sets are on constant display.

I make a point to do some shopping, if not window-shopping which can easily become a revelation, at least once a week.
A few hints for clever purchasing:
-If you want to have first pick at the fish and other marine products, come in the morning at 10:00.
-If you wish to save money, come at 17:00 when “price service” is in full swing. You will benefit from real bargains, but will lose on the varieties.

Shizuoka JR Station, PARCHE
Business hours: 09:30~20:00